Debra Cooper, Principal Nick Gregory, Assistant Principal
Shelley Werthman, Assistant Principal Noreen Lintz, Office Manager
   Debra Cooper
  Nick Gregory
  Assistant Principal
 Shelley Werthman
 Assistant Principal
  Noreen Lintz
  Office Manager

Dear Kettering Families:

I am honored to serve as Principal of Kettering High School. I welcome the opportunity each day to strive to fulfill the district promise to inspire, educate, and empower both our students and staff. I am excited about what the future holds for our students as they embrace so many academic and social opportunities here. In addition, I am thankful for our rich heritage, appreciative of our talented students, and grateful for our strong parental and community support.

I witness our high levels of engagement in the classroom, in the arts, in athletics, and in charitable acts of kindness. Kettering offers a wide variety of courses that challenge our students to collaborate and think critically. Graduates are prepared to enter the university, the work force, and military service based upon the solid foundation that they receive in the classroom.

Our staff is committed to nurturing a culture of excellence where students meet their personal and academic goals. Students are rewarded each year with opportunities to display their athletic and artistic talent at the university level, in addition to receiving many academic scholarships. Our enrichment programs are second to none!

As I continue to lead in this capacity, I am mindful that it takes many hands to guide our ship. From the support that I receive from my loving family to the collaborative nature of the building and district, I am blessed in so many ways to be able to enjoy the spirited culture of the building. I look forward to each new day and the opportunity at Kettering to lead and to learn.

With Captain Pride,

Debra R. Cooper