Roger Opsommer, Principal
Tanya Blaine, Assistant Principal
Roxanne Furlong, Office Manager
    Roger Opsommer
    Tanya Blaine 
    Assistant Principal

     Roxanne Furlong
     Office Manager

Dear Mason Families,

I hope you have found time to enjoy the summer weather. I will do my best to enjoy time with my family as well. With the addition of a new baby in my own family, it reminds me of how precious our children are and the great responsibility we have here at Mason with all of your children. I had the opportunity this summer to reflect on all the accomplishments that were made by students this past year and think about new goals for next year. We all know that the new school year will be here before we know it.

Over the summer we’ve been working hard to get ready for that challenge. Many teachers have been taking classes, attending workshops and working on curriculum. They have also been in during the summer to get their classrooms ready for fall. Your students will benefit from that work as the year progresses.

As adults, we are continually helping kids learn how to be in healthy relationships that promote success and with the addition of social media it has become increasingly more difficult. We will be still focusing on Mason’s 3 B’s of Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe with an emphasis on being respectful with the 3 C’s.

I wish all of you a happy transition back to school and I hope you are as encouraged as I am about the amazing things your children will get to accomplish during the coming school year. Before the sun sets on summer, remember to flip flop ‘till you drop.

Sincerely Yours,

Roger Opsommer