Outdoor Education is recognized as a valuable part of the total education of a child and has become an important part of the school's curriculum. The time at camp is important for the social and educational development of each individual. Sixth grade camp is not like summer camp but is school in the out-of-doors. We are able to teach lessons in science, mathematics, local history, and astronomy that cannot be done as well in the regular classroom setting.

Your child will be participating in a highly organized learning experience. We teach about the outdoors by being outdoors. He or she may go through events requiring teamwork or challenging personal growth, collect and study critters from the swamp, imitate pioneer life, or practice wilderness survival. 

Camp Copneconic is accredited by both the American Camping Association and the State of Michigan having met high standards of excellence in staff, administration, program, health, and safety. The facilities are winterized and kept in excellent condition by their maintenance staff.

The wholesome, tasty meals served buffet-style have earned Camp Copneconic an enviable reputation among camps coast to coast.

Teachers and camp personnel provide supervision while at camp. The camp staff and school teachers combine for a ratio of about one adult leader to every twelve students. The students are actively involved in supervised programs the entire day.

While at camp, all school rules are enforced. If the student should violate any of the rules, the parent/guardian may be contacted and the student may be sent home.

Minor health problems are taken care of by the Copneconic staff or teachers in the camp Health Center. There are three hospitals within fifteen minutes of the camp with an excellent response time from the paramedics for emergencies. Parents are immediately notified of any necessary care. Signed health forms aid this process. Medication forms must be filled out for each medication that is to be taken while at camp, and signed by a physician. All medications must be in their original container. If the use of an epi-pen or inhaler is required, please supply one for the student to carry with them at all times and one for the medications box.