We believe that having our students go to Washington, D.C. is a very special event.  Our students will be representing both Pierce and Waterford during their trip; therefore, they should dress to fit the occasion.  Different parts of the trip require different attire.  Students should appear neat and clean at all times.  Listed below are recommendations for each part of the trip.

Cell Phones & Electronic Equipment
All school rules apply to cell phone use in D.C.  Personal listening devices are allowed on the trip to Washington (on the bus going to D.C., in your room) and on the return trip but not during bus touring (in the city).  A student may possess electronic equipment provided that the cell phone remains off and out of sight.  Students may use their phones as cameras provided they are NOT using them to text.  If a student's phone is taken away due to misuse, the phone will be returned once they arrive back at the hotel in the evening.  If a phone is taken away for a second time, the student will be permitted to use the phone to call home at night however, the student will not be permitted to have the phone during the day.  The chaperones will determine the usage for the students on their bus.

There is a behavior contract on the back of the Emergency Medical Release form.  It must be signed by both child and parent.  We may call home if there is a problem of any kind, however, if there is a serious infraction (theft, use of narcotics, cigarettes, alcohol, or other Code of Conduct violations) we will be contacting you and sending your child home immediately.  Parents will be responsible for all fees incurred (airline ticket, round trip transportation to airport, etc.).  Please have a discussion with your child about acceptable behavior.

The following items are NOT allowed at any time:


Boat Cruise
Students will cruise the Potomac.  Please bring a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt for the evening.  It can get a little chilly on the river in the evening.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
The theater is the fanciest of our evenings in the city.  We ask that boys wear a shirt and tie or sweater along with slacks and a pair of dress shoes.  Girls should wear a dress, skirt, or slacks with a blouse or sweater, with a pair of dress shoes.  We will put on ties and fancy shoes on the bus prior to going into the restaurant.

Specifics for Boys
Boys must wear neat, clean slacks and clean shirts with comfortable shoes.


Specifics for Girls
Girls must wear neat, clean skirts, dresses, pants, or Capri's and a polo/golf shirt, blouse with comfortable shoes.


What to Pack
Comfortable shoes (bring two pairs of shoes)
Lightweight jacket
Sunglasses & sunscreen
Umbrella (we still tour outside if it is raining - be prepared)
Disposable cameras/digital camera (film/cameras are expensive in D.C.) w/extra memory card
Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, deodorant, sunscreen.  The hotel has blow dryers (do not bring them), irons, etc. 

Students may also carry a back pack or a purse but NOT both.  In your backpack or purse should be:


Students may NOT carry any medication other than their inhaler or an epi-pen.  Any medical plan of care for your child should be brought to the attention of the trip leader or chaperones prior to the trip.  Please fill out the form for Tylenol or Midol; we cannot give them anything without this written approval.

Chaperones will have the final say as to whether or not clothing is acceptable and students may have to change their clothing or wear a jacket provided by a chaperone.  Please avoid any problems by making sure your child does not bring any clothing that is inappropriate on the trip.