As parents, you know that children mature and develop at their own rates and that turning five doesn’t necessarily mean a child is ready for kindergarten. If you believe your child may not be ready, please contact the school your child is scheduled to attend and we can provide information, discuss your child’s progress, and help you decide whether traditional kindergarten or junior kindergarten would be the best option for your family. Junior kindergarten is a full day program which allows children to become familiar with the structure and format of a school day while developing critical skills needed for elementary school. Students who attend will most often enter formal kindergarten the following year. These programs will be located in a few of our elementary schools and transportation may be provided.

New State guidelines have moved the entrance date for kindergarten from December 1 to September 1. The junior kindergarten class can also be a wonderful alternative for students whose birthday falls between June and December 1, allowing them to begin their formal educational journey! If you are interested in our Junior Kindergarten program, please plan to attend the Kindergarten Round-up at your home elementary school, or contact the school and speak with the principal.

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Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten Presentation